For Speakers

Interested in presenting at Calgary Agile?

We’d love to have you! Email us at and start a conversation with us to learn more! We love having speakers that are passionate about their experiences and want to share them.

You’ve signed up. What’s next?

Six weeks before your session we need to have all the information about it so that it can be posted.

Take a look at previous abstracts and bios on meetup to see what others have written. Keep it short.

Four weeks before your session we will post the presentation details on our Meetup group. An email will go out to our members.

On the night of (a Thursday)

Your presentation starts at 6:30. Try and arrive early at 5:45 to make sure that we can get your laptop connected and any AV issues sorted out. Then relax and enjoy some time talking to the attendees until the presentation starts.

Presentations should be about 50 minutes long and have 10 minutes after for questions. Feel free to run a little longer or shorter if you want, or simply take questions during the presentation.

Audio Equipment

The space in the atrium at Alastair Ross Technology Centre is noisy and most presenters do need to use a microphone. We have a hand-held and a lapel microphone that can be used. Most speakers choose the lapel microphone.

If you want to play video with sound we have an 3.5mm audio cable that will plug into a standard audio output jack.

Video Equipment

The projector we have has two inputs. A standard HDMI input and a standard VGA (old-school) monitor cable input. We do have some cords, but not all. It’s always a good idea to have your own cable for output to one of these inputs.

Internet Access

There is free WIFI access at Alastair Ross Technology Centre which is pretty reliable, but not 100%. There is a very good chance you can stream content, but don’t count on it. Better to have local files.

Other Questions?

Drop us a note via email!