Oct 4th: Introduction to Lean Software Development and Value Stream Mapping by Mikko Korkala

Lean Software Development originated from lean manufacturing principles applied to the software development domain. Value Stream Mapping, a lean practice can be used to identify the flow of information and tasks required to bring a product or feature to the customer. Mikko will discuss the origins of Lean Software Development as well as identify similarities and differences between Agile and Lean principles.

Sept 2011: Getting Started with Ruby on Rails by Tamer Salama

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework that has been around since 2004. It is "optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity". In this presentation, we'll develop a simple application to show how to get started with the framework. It will cover some of its main components as well as highlight its agile aspects. If you've heard about Ruby on Rails but never got a chance to try it out, interested in the framework's how-to or curious to know if it's a good fit, this presentation is for you. Warning: There will be code! (and a door prize)


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