Dec 4th - Calgary Tech: A Futurespective - by Michelle D'Souza and Amit Uttam

In our interactions, analysis and market evaluation of the Calgary technical landscape over the last few years, we have encountered a trend where Calgary's tech community appears to have fallen behind in software engineering and management practices by about 6 - 10 years. While this by itself is a disturbing conclusion, what makes it even worse is an absence of awareness or exposure to prevalent, daily-used team and technology practices commonplace in the SSM (start-up, small and medium) tech sectors in the Vancouvers, Torontos, San Franciscos, and Berlins of the world.

This presentation intends to supply a list of what we think Calgary is missing in skill, through the entire spectrum of 'experience', from seasoned contractors working in the Oil & Gas sector to new University graduates looking to get a start in the technology world.

Michelle D'Souza is currently Lead Developer at Vogogo and has spent the last few years working on high-performing start-up teams in Calgary. She has spent a decent portion of her career enabling organizations to deliver performant, production software through Agile and lean practices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the US. Michelle not only coaches software developers but also spends a great deal of time mentoring young adults in current software languages and practices.

Amit Uttam is currently the VP of Engineering & Operations at PetroFeed. He is a frequent speaker on the international Agile conference circuit, evangelizing pragmatic "agile" over dogmatic "Agile". Amit bears the scars of successful organizational Agile transformations in diverse environments, from multi-national corporate enterprises to small, less-focussed start-ups. Amit's software engineering and management career has had him consulting, residing and working full-time in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Canada and the United States, which he strongly credits for embracing diversity in team mental models.

Additional Details:
Come 6pm, Thursday, December 4th and enjoy complimentary food and refreshments. The session itself runs from 6:30pm to 7:30pm with a question period and networking afterwards. Find our location on Google Maps here, we're in the Atrium as soon as you walk in the front doors. Parking is free in front of the building after 5pm!

Special thanks to our sponsors Innovate Calgary for the venue and to the University of Calgary for providing the food and refreshments.