May 24, 2014: AngularJS by S.M. Sohan

Have you tried it yet?

Let's code a simple AngularJS application and make it rock. AngularJS is a full-fledged client side MVC framework developed mostly by Google that aims to minimize boiler-plate JavaScript code. It is unlike most other client-side MVC frameworks and can be quite challenging to get started with. However, we'll learn the basics by developing our AngularJS app together during this session.

Wishing just like me, after you've coded your first AngularJS app, you'll either use it on your project or will miss it badly!

About S.M. Sohan:

Sohan is a Senior Engineer at Cisco with several years of experience building public domain web and enterprise applications. He likes to craft his code in Ruby and JavaScript, but he also spent a fair amount of happy time writing C#/Java applications. His open source .Net project MvcMailer has seen 17,000+ downloads. When not coding, Sohan enjoys talking to people, playing soccer, tennis, and watching TV. Online, he can be found at:, @smhohan,

Saturday May 24th 9am-12pm. Find our location at Innovate Calgary on Google Maps . We're in meeting room 2/3, turn left as you enter in the front doors. Parking is free in front of the building!